Dog Obedience Classes – Is it worthwhile?

I’m pleased to say that Elvis has graduated from puppy school! He’s come a long way since his first class. We attended a total of eight lessons over eight weeks, one hour per session. The cost was £60, which I think is reasonable.

Following commands

Elvis understands what sit, lie and wait means. He’ll follow these commands if we’re outside, and have treats to bribe him with. He even manages to do it when off the leash, and his girlfriend Hattie is playing nearby! But he won’t follow these commands at home in order to get his food. He looks confused and upset if we don’t give him his food right away. We think it’s because it’s out of context from puppy school.

He understands ‘come on’ and ‘beddybyes’. We’ve taught him these commands at home, and say them regularly, so he’s picked it up. Repetition is key. We could spend a lot of time teaching him all the commands at home in exchange for treats. We want to be careful not to train his personality out of him. We love him for who he is, and don’t really want a robot dog that always does what we say. We love that he’s a bit cheeky, it adds to his charm!

Benefits of obedience classes

I think the main benefit of attending puppy school is that Elvis got to socialise with other dogs. He was petrified the first day we went and wouldn’t stop shaking. But by the end of it he was jumping up and playing with other dogs that were ten times the size of him! He has bags of confidence now.

Overall, it was worth doing and I’m glad we did it. But I don’t think that the current Crufts champions have anything to be concerned about yet! Elvis is a lovely playful little boy with a cheeky side, and we love him the way he is.

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