5 Tips On How To Train Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash

Getting a puppy to walk on a leash isn’t as easy as you’d think! Now that we’ve had Elvis for three months, I’ve learned a few tricks that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully they’ll help you train your pup!

1. Use a Harness

It’s important to use a harness instead of a collar when you’re attaching a lead. Chi’s have very delicate necks, which can break if you had to yank the collar. Another benefit of a harness is that it perfectly safe to quickly lift your chi up if he was in any danger.

2. A Short Lead

I’ve got an extendable lead for Elvis. I often let him explore on his own when he’s taking care of business. But when going for a walk in public, its important to have a short length of lead so that he walks at your heel, and cannot chase after birds etc.

3. Patience

When Elvis was younger, he often decided to stop walking. He’d literally put the brakes on and would refuse to move. He probably didn’t understand why he was being pulled along. Taking him to obedience classes definitely helped; he could see other dogs walking at heel with their owners. My advice is to persevere.

4. Calm Assertive Voice

I’ve noticed that if I say ‘do you want to go this way?’ Or ‘come on’ in a gentle tone, he just pleases himself. But if I use a calm assertive tone, making it clear that there’s no choice, then he does reluctantly follow. Elvis does get easily distracted. Being a male, he loves marking his territory and loves sniffing around for peemail. I say ‘come on’ assertively, and he does what I say.

5. Avoid Distractions

Puppies do get distracted, so try and practice somewhere quiet, not on a busy road. Your pup will soon get the hang of it. Good luck!

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Julie xx


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