5 Puppy Day Trip Essentials

If you’ve never taken your pup out for a day trip before, you’ll be wondering what to take with you. It’s not quite the military operation that taking a baby out would be. Nevertheless I thought I’d list out the  things that we take when we go for a day trip with Elvis.

  1. Travel Crate

    If you’re travelling at any speed over 30 mph in the car, it’s unsafe to hold your pooch on your lap. If you had to jump on the brakes, your fur baby  might go flying through the windscreen, which doesn’t bear thinking about. We got this great travel crate from Amazon. Pop a chew and blanket in there, and your pooch will be happy until you get to your destination. Loop the seat belt through the handle at the top to make it secure. It’s not worth taking a chance.

2. Harness

Chihuahuas have very delicate necks, as do young puppies from other breeds. If I attached a lead to a collar on Elvis, I could easily brake his neck if I had to tug on the lead. Harnesses aren’t too expensive, just make sure that it’s sturdy enough to prevent your puppy from breaking it if he suddenly needs to run off to chase birds! I like the Urban Pup range, they are really good quality and have a choice of stylish designs. I chose a red tartan one to remind Elvis that  he has Scottish heritage!

3. Extendable Dog Lead

It’s important to have a good quality lead. You never know when a large dog will appear, and you need to be able to yank your dog away to safety. Same goes for birds of prey. Elvis has a fascination with birds, and likes to chase and bark at them. He’d happily run into traffic to chase something that caught his eye. When training a pup to walk on a leash, you need one that’s short enough that your pup walks at your heel, and cannot run off. We’ve got an extendable lead, which is great for both walking at heel, and letting Elvis explore when it’s safe.

4. Poop bags

It’s common decency to pick up any little droppings that your pooch needs to do. Simply put your hand inside, pick up the poop, then turn it inside out and tie the handles. You won’t get any dirt on your hands. You’ll soon get the hang of it! You can buy them in bulk for cost savings. We’ve got a poop bag dispenser hanging in the hall.

5. Plastic Bowl for Water

When you’re out for a long walk, your pup will get thirsty. I recommend that you bring an empty small plastic bowl with you, and a bottle of water. When your dog seems tired, or pants with his tongue hanging out, give him some water. Elvis sometimes doesn’t seem interested in drinking water, but he always wants what we have. We pretend that we’re drinking it first, then offer it to him. It usually does the trick!

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Julie xx


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