Dog Obedience Classes – Is it worthwhile?

I’m pleased to say that Elvis has graduated from puppy school! He’s come a long way since his first class. We attended a total of eight lessons over eight weeks, one hour per session. The cost was ยฃ60, which I think is reasonable.

Following commands

Elvis understands what sit, lie and wait means. He’ll follow these commands if we’re outside, and have treats to bribe him with. He even manages to do it when off the leash, and his girlfriend Hattie is playing nearby! But he won’t follow these commands at home in order to get his food. He looks confused and upset if we don’t give him his food right away. We think it’s because it’s out of context from puppy school. Continue reading “Dog Obedience Classes – Is it worthwhile?”


5 Tips On How To Train Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash

Getting a puppy to walk on a leash isn’t as easy as you’d think! Now that we’ve had Elvis for three months, I’ve learned a few tricks that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully they’ll help you train your pup!

1. Use a Harness

It’s important to use a harness instead of a collar when you’re attaching a lead. Chi’s have very delicate necks, which can break if you had to yank the collar. Another benefit of a harness is that it perfectly safe to quickly lift your chi up if he was in any danger. Continue reading “5 Tips On How To Train Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash”

5 Puppy Day Trip Essentials

If you’ve never taken your pup out for a day trip before, you’ll be wondering what to take with you. It’s not quite the military operation that taking a baby out would be. Nevertheless I thought I’d list out the ย things that we take when we go for a day trip with Elvis. Continue reading “5 Puppy Day Trip Essentials”