Puppy obedience lessons week 2

I was so proud of Elvis this morning. He strutted in to the class, and followed the ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ commands that we learned last week very well.

Teaching a dog how to lie down

This week, Elvis learned how to lie on the ground. He wasn’t too keen. I had to sit on the ground and hold the cheese under my bent leg to encourage him to lie down and eat the cheese. That boy will do anything for cheese! Small dogs don’t tend to like lying on the ground outside, because they spend a lot of time close to the ground already.

Following commands while ignoring distractions

We had to walk over a noisy bit of tarpaulin, to teach dogs that it’s okay to walk on unusual and noisy surfaces. Elvis was fascinated by the plastic boxes that were used to hold the tarpaulin on the ground. He then decided to ‘mark’ it and weed on one of the boxes. How embarrassing! He also had to sit for cheese, whilst someone was opening and closing an umbrella next to him. He did it really well.

Socialising with other dogs

Our little boy is starting to take an interest in female dogs. He was fascinated with sniffing two of the girl dogs in the class, distracting them from the lesson. He gave them both kisses, it was so cute! It’s important for Elvis to socialise with other dogs and people from a young age, to stop him becoming scared or threatened by others.

Drop command

We’d to teach our dogs to hold a short stick, then get them to drop it. Elvis wasn’t interested in picking it up in the first place, he was too interested in sitting for more cheese, and socialising with the other dogs. We’ll practice during the week with his turtle toy. He really enjoyed the class.

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