How to help your chi cope with the heat

Small dogs find it more difficult than larger dogs to cool themselves down. This week has been the hottest since we got Elvis in February, so I wanted to share how we dealt with it, to help others.

Elvis loves going for walks in dry weather. Earlier this week I took him for a ten minute walk in the sunshine then sat on our usual bench for a while. He was panting with his tongue out, and looking at me. He never pants, so I knew I had to take him home for water. When we got home, he didn’t drink very much, so I got a small bowl of water and brought that over to the sofa with me. He drank lots of that, and soon got back to his happy self. All week, we’ve kept a drink for Elvis on the coffee table, and offer it to him regularly. That’s in addition to his usual water bowl in the kitchen. Continue reading “How to help your chi cope with the heat”


Dog health – vet treatments

As well as feeding and exercising your dog, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to keep him healthy.


Registering with a vet

A few days after you bring your new pooch home, it’s a good idea to register with a local vet. A lot of vets offer a loyalty pet care program, which involves paying a certain amount a month which includes regular treatments. Our vet charges ยฃ12 per month. It works out cheaper than paying as you go. The plan includes a health check and annual vaccination, a six month health check, and a year’s supply of flea and worm control.ย  Continue reading “Dog health – vet treatments”

How to deal with a puppy’s schedule being disrupted

My parents came down to Sussex to visit us from Glasgow this weekend. This was the first time that they met Elvis, our chihuahua puppy. I knew it would involve lots of tourist activity, walking and eating out. I thought I’d blog about how we dealt with it, to help other new puppy owners deal with a disruption to a young puppy’s schedule.

Continue reading “How to deal with a puppy’s schedule being disrupted”

Puppy obedience lessons week 2

I was so proud of Elvis this morning. He strutted in to the class, and followed the ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ commands that we learned last week very well.

Teaching a dog how to lie down

This week, Elvis learned how to lie on the ground. He wasn’t too keen. I had to sit on the ground and hold the cheese under my bent leg to encourage him to lie down and eat the cheese. That boy will do anything for cheese! Small dogs don’t tend to like lying on the ground outside, because they spend a lot of time close to the ground already. Continue reading “Puppy obedience lessons week 2”