What I feed my chihuahua puppy – an update 

We’ve had Elvis for seven weeks! It seems like ages ago since that traumatic first night, and we can’t remember what it was like not having him snuggling with us on the sofa. We’re absolutely loving having our cute puppy living with us.

After reading back my earlier post about his fussy eating, and reading up on nutrition, we decided to give raw food another go. Natural Instinct had kindly sent us five weeks worth of puppy food, so we had plenty in the freezer.

Raw Food

We’ve learned that if there’s something better being offered, like an omelette or cheese, then Elvis prefers that. At first, he turned up his nose at the raw food, knowing that we’d worry that he hadn’t eaten anything and give him something else that he prefers. So we stuck to our guns and gave him raw food two or three times a day. He weighs 1.6 kilos, so according to the natural instinct website he should eat around 90 grams of food a day.
I wouldn’t say we’ve cracked it yet. He sometimes refuses to eat, so we put the bowl back in the fridge, to teach him that he should eat when he’s fed, and that he can’t expect food to always be available to him. That sometimes results in him crying at 4am because he’s hungry. We will keep persevering with the routine. It should pay off in the long run.

Healthy Pup

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in his bowel movements. Raw food causes his poop to be really firm, not smelly at all, and very easy to pick up. He looks really healthy and is bursting with energy. Bless his little paws!


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