Frisky Pup

Elvis is becoming a teenager! He’s now six months old. He has started trying to hump my arm, and has been scratching my limbs with a wild look in his eye! He’s cocked his leg and peed a couple of times in the house. Ed and I made it clear that we didn’t like that, so he hasn’t done it for a few days. After reading about it, I’ve found out that he’s trying to mark his territory, rather than forgetting where he should pee.

What to do when male dogs pee inside

After reading up on it, I’ve learned that we should make a loud noise to distract him mid-pee, (e.g. clapping) say ‘no’ firmly, and immediately take him to where he should pee. Another solution is to make him wear a belly band, which is sort of a dog nappy. It would get soggy and smelly, so we’ve not tried that yet. I’m sure that he’d try and wriggle out of it. At the weekend he peed outside for the first time; he’d been too anxious to do that before, so I’m pleased that he’s making progress.


A few books and websites advise that we could get him neutered, now that he’s six months old. It’s a routine operation. The advantages are that it should make male dogs less likely to try and hump people, less likely to cock their leg and pee indoors, less aggressive and it reduces their likelihood of getting cancer. Some make the counter argument that there’s no scientific evidence of that. I don’t want him to get an operation unnecessarily, but equally we can’t have him peeing inside and humping my limbs. He hasn’t tried it with Ed; just me. Perhaps it’s because I’m female, or because he sees Ed as the head of the pack. Not sure what that makes me! His bitch LOL

Clothes for chihuahuas

I’ve also found that putting a jumper on Elvis calms him down a bit, so when he starts to scratch, I dress him up. I also sometimes hold him tight and say ‘shh’, to try and calm him down.

Does anyone have any advice? Does neutering make a difference? Can Elvis be trained to calm down, in order to avoid an operation? Let me know what you think.
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