Puppy School 

Elvis went to his first obedience class today. We went to a drop in class. I naively thought that we’d have mastered teaching him how to sit by the end of the day. The reality was a lot different!

Arriving at the obedience class

After Elvis waking us up twice in the night, once because he was hungry, once because he needed a wee, we got up bleary eyed and drove to the class in a neighbouring town.

We entered the basketball court and Elvis soon started sniffing the other dogs that were there. He was particularly fond of a Yorkie called Princess and a Cockerpoo called Skye. There were other bigger dogs there too. Elvis was a bit apprehensive about being near them. He was shaking for most of the class, and was too anxious to be trained. The owners were told to hold a small treat in our fist, get him interested in it by letting him sniff it, then let him eat the treat. Elvis was too nervous to have an appetite. Instead we walked around the court and he socialised with the other dogs and owners. We were advised to leave early so that he wasn’t too stressed. We will go back next week to build up his confidence.

Puppy anxiety

After getting home, I took Elvis to his usual spot to have a wee. He was still too anxious to urinate, and was jumping up at me and crying. I took him indoors, and started sorting the laundry. I made the mistake of sorting it on the floor in front of him. The naughty wee monkey peed on the laundry! At least I was about to put it in the washing machine anyway! We are finding that having a puppy is a lot of hard work. Training him isn’t going to be a quick fix.

Happy ever after

Later in the day, Ed returned home after running some errands. Elvis jumped in the air and spun around in excitement. Soon Madness was on the stereo and the ‘pack’ was back together again. Happy pup!

Have any of you fellow puppy owners had a similar experience, or  could you offer us any advice?

Julie x


3 thoughts on “Puppy School 

  1. Lovely to see our wee grandson Elvis on the Web. Yes we are Eds Mum Dad and Sweeney is our wee Yorkie. We cant wait for Elvis and Sweeney to meet. Julie is the sweetest daughter in law. Love the website and we will be following it all the time. Elvis your namesake visited Glasgow. Visit soon and then we can say Elvis has entered the building. Love You All. Us Three. xxx

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