Elvis’ Big Day Out

Taking a Puppy on his first day trip

To celebrate my husband’s birthday, the three of us decided to spend the day in Brighton. Elvis has been to a few local parks, but this was the first time he’d be walking along in public. We were apprehensive, but he took to it very well. He strutted along the promenade very confidently. He got a bit scared when buggies and bicycles got close to him, but wasn’t at all bothered about people.

Socialising with other dogs

He made friends with a few dogs too. He looked a bit worried when other dogs started sniffing his bum, but he soon started sniffing them too, and saying hello. His favourite was Chester the dachshund. Chester was very friendly, they sniffed each other for a while, and even kissed! So adorable.

Shopping with a chihuahua

We took Elvis into ‘Jump The Gun’, my husband’s favourite shop. Elvis was very patient while Ed was trying on some shoes, but did start to shake and squeal after 20 minutes. When that didn’t work, he farted! A shopping experience is so different when you have a pup with you! The staff were lovely and very welcoming to Elvis.

We popped in to Debenhams, half expecting to be told to leave because we’d brought a dog with us. Two staff members approached us, but they couldn’t have been more friendly. They both wanted a cuddle from Elvis. One of them had a pet chihuahua himself. We needn’t have worried. I lost count of the number of times I heard passers-by saying how cute he was. I have to agree!

Shaking all over

Elvis shivered for most of the day. Although there was beautiful sunshine, there was an icy breeze coming off the sea. I had to wear my wooly hat. He shivers from anxiety, happiness, and being cold, so it could have been all three. Next time we go there, we’ll put a jumper on him first. He’s not keen on wearing clothes, but its dangerous for chis to get too cold, so I think Elvis will lose that battle!

Taking care of business

I gave him several opportunities to wee outside, but he didn’t want to. We were out for around four hours in total. Elvis still prefers to hold it in and go at home, just like a human. He likes to sniff where other dogs have peed, but hasn’t yet realised that it’s okay for him to do that too. We’re planning to start puppy obedience classes soon. I think that will be good for him.


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