How having a puppy has impacted our lives

It’s been nearly a month since we got Elvis. We love him to bits, and can’t imagine not having him in our lives. The best thing about having him is that he makes us laugh so much, and is so affectionate!

I thought I’d write a post on how it’s impacted our day to day lives. 

Puppy sleeping through the night 

First of all, we haven’t had a long lie since we got him. Elvis is a morning person! We put him to bed in his crate around 10pm, and he sleeps until 6am. That’s a solid eight hours, so we can’t complain. We cover the crate with a blanket to make it dark. He starts to whine at 6am. I worry that he may be bursting for a wee, so I let him out of his crate so he can use his puppy pad. He never wants to go back to sleep after that, he wants to run around and be chased!

Hubby day care

Luckily my husband works from home, so we don’t have to take him to doggy day care or pay someone to walk him. My husband loves having his company all day. Elvis gives him a reason to go out for fresh air and take a break from staring at his laptop. Whilst going for walks is great, he can’t take Elvis inside shops, and doesn’t want to tie him up outside a shop in case he gets stolen. So we need to plan ahead in terms of grocery shopping. No biggie though.

Eating meals in front of a dog

Eating at home isn’t as carefree as it used to be! Elvis is tiny and can’t eat much at once, but it doesn’t stop him being fascinated with what we’re eating. He’d steal food from our plates if we let him! We tell him ‘no’ and give him a chew in his crate to try and distract him.

Leaving a puppy alone 

We haven’t left him alone in the flat yet. We take it in turns to go out. He’s getting used to us leaving the room for ten minutes at a time. It depends how sleepy he is. If he’s wide awake, he hates being alone, but if he’s napping on the sofa, he doesn’t mind so much and barely notices. We are gradually increasing the length of time he spends alone.

We haven’t had a big day out with him yet, because of bad weather and other commitments. That will be the next big adventure! We’ll need to check that restaurants are dog friendly ahead of time. Should be fun though!


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