Fussy Eater

What I’ve fed my chi so far

When we picked Elvis up, we were given some raw puppy food called ‘natural instinct ‘. I’d also been given a voucher for five weeks of free food, so we were all set. The company delivered it promptly. The convenient thing is that you can keep it in the freezer until needed. The strange thing is that Elvis could take it or leave it. At first, I thought it was due to general anxiety at settling in to a new home. We gave him some in his bowl every day, but he just sniffed at it, and occasionally nibbled it. We worried that he wasn’t eating enough, so we then gave him bits of chicken. He absolutely loved that. He sometimes gets bits of bacon as a treat. His particular favourite is cheese. See my video at him going mental for a bit of cheese! On reflection, and after getting used to his little habits, I’ve learned that his favourite food is bits that he can pick up in his mouth, then run off into his crate to eat in his own time. He often runs in and out of his crate, taking up to eight little pieces of chicken in there. He sometimes saves some for later. He wouldn’t be able to do that with the raw food, because it has a pate consistency.

Puppy Treats

I’ve read that training a puppy is all about praising them when they do something well, and giving them small treats. Elvis has a tiny appetite and tiny stomach, and often doesn’t want a bit of chicken, even though he loves it. I suppose we are still learning how much to feed him. One treat that he does like are puppy chocolate buttons. He likes to pretend it’s alive, kill it, then take it into his crate!


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