Looking after Elvis – The first fortnight

We’ve had Elvis for two weeks now, so I wanted to summarise the experience. The best bits are definitely the constant cuddles and affection. Elvis is very generous with giving kisses! Every day when I get home from work, I get a wonderful welcome home. His wee tail wags constantly and he jumps all over me. He makes us laugh every day! And life is never dull.

Biggest surpriseย 

There are a few things that really surprised me about getting to know Elvis. I’ve never had a dog before, and had thought it would mean lots of early walks in the rain so that he could do the toilet. I wasn’t really looking forward to that if I’m honest. I had never heard of puppy pads before. I’m beyond pleased at how quickly Elvis has taken to using them, and how it doesn’t smell at all. He’s still getting used to going outside. We live in a flat, and it’s a long way to get outside, his little bladder wouldn’t be able to last that long at the moment.


One thing I hadn’t considered was the interrupted sleep. When visiting friends who owned a dog, the dog seemed to take itself off to its basket when it felt sleepy. I expected Elvis to do the same. Not so! We’ve trained him to sleep in his crate, but the longest he has slept is seven hours. Five is the norm. I’m hoping it’s because he is still very young at five months old, and partly because he’s getting used to his new home. I’ll keep you posted.

Mini shadow

At first, he was very clingy, and wouldn’t even let us go to the bathroom alone without following us. But now, he’s happy to chill on the sofa alone for up to five minutes, before he comes looking for us.


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