Elvis Has Left The Building

Given the cold weather, we decided to get Elvis a warm jumper. The nearest ‘pets at home’ is around six miles from where we live, so this was Elvis’s first car journey since we brought him home a week ago. It was kind of a big deal. I was really apprehensive about how he’d cope. I put the kitten harness on him. He reluctantly hopped into the travel carrier. I put a blanket and chew in there. He took to it surprisingly well. We put Oasis on in the car. He didn’t cry at all, he seemed quite content. We got to the shop, and put him down on the grass outside, expecting him to sulk. But he sniffed around and explored like a happy pooch! I was so proud of him. After a few minutes I picked him up, went in to the shop, and got a few chews, a padded harness, and a warm jumper. He was so well behaved. He slept in the car on the way home. When I put his carrier on the living room floor, he was scared. He hadn’t realised that we were back home! He took a good ten minutes to come out. Once he was out, he was rewarded with chicken for being such a good boy.


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