The First Few Days

Now that we’ve had Elvis for three days, I wanted to summarise our experience so far. We’ve bonded with him very well. He loves hanging out with us, and loves giving kisses and cuddles. He now eats and drinks water, but only when we go over with him to where his food is. He absolutely hates being on his own. He has mastered using puppy pads, but is so averse to going outside that toilet training will need to wait a while. I’m relieved that he doesn’t react to our neighbours coming and going, and even loud noises and dog barking on the television. He only makes a noise when he is left in a room on his own. He is totally uninterested in playing with his toys or eating ‘treats’. When offered a dog biscuit or ‘chocolate’ doggy treat, he sniffs it, licks it, then walks away. If we gently throw toys to play with, he just looks at it, a bit confused. Given that the golden rule when training a puppy is to reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour, it’s difficult when he doesn’t want a ‘reward’, all he wants is to be next to us.


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