Puppy’s First Outing 

Because Elvis is so small, we opted for a kitten harness rather than a collar and lead. The lead could damage his neck or strangle him. Elvis was not keen or wearing the harness at all! He tried to rub against the furniture to get it off, but to no avail. After attaching the lead, we picked him up and took him outside. We live in a flat, so the journey outside involved using a lift, stairs, and long corridors, which could have been daunting for him. Once outside, he was plonked on the ground. He was not impressed at all. He lowered himself down and looked up at us, as if to say ‘what are you doing to me?!’. He refused to move. He stayed still, in the huff, until we gave up and brought him back inside. We were in his bad books for around ten minutes, but then he settled in to his favourite spot, snuggled under blankets on the sofa. I’ve since done some research, and will try putting the harness on him for five minutes every day, to get him used to wearing it. I’ll also try putting a warm jumper on him, in case he was too cold. Although it was entertaining, it will have consequences in future if we cannot take him with us on days out!


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