Taking Puppy Home

Chihuahua puppy

The big day has arrived! We are finally picking up Elvis, our baby Chihuahua puppy! We turn up at the breeders house, a feeling of apprehension in the air. We feel a bit rotten for taking baby Elvis away from his siblings and parents, who he has spent every day with since he was born 5 months ago. Having read advice on how to prepare for taking a puppy home, we bring a small travel carrier, with a fleecy blanket and small toy inside. After saying his goodbyes, we start the long drive from Hampshire to West Sussex. Elvis was happy enough to go into his carrier, so we took this as a good sign. He whimpered a little on the 90 minute journey. Each time, we reassured him that we were all going to have a great time. Once home, the carrier placed next to his crate, I opened the door and he soon hopped out. Great first sign. But just as quickly, he hopped straight into his crate. Except for two or three quick scuttles around the lounge, he stayed in there all evening. We knew Elvis had a shy introverted personality. We gave him food which he didn’t eat. We gave him a chew, which he puked on. I briefly put him on the puppy pad, but he didn’t seem to want to urinate or anything. We didn’t want to scare him, and felt that he should choose to come out and explore properly in his own time. He eyeballed us all evening, but was too timid to come and say hello, so we settled down to watch Netflix. Our bedtime soon came, so we put a blanket over the crate and left the room. We hoped that he wouldn’t miss his canine family too much, and wished him sweet puppy dreams.


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