Puppy’s First Night

After locking Elvis in his crate at 10pm, we went through to our bedroom. At 2.30am, we awoke to loud howling. I had read that if we go and soothe him, he would learn that crying equals attention, a behaviour that we didn’t want to encourage. But it was heartbreaking to listen to. I googled for more advice. One article suggested that he may need the toilet. He had refused to pee or poo the previous day when we took him home, so this sounded plausible. Weย went through to the lounge where his crate was, and found him sitting on a wet blanket, crying and shaking with fear. We felt so sorry for him. We picked him up, gave him a clean bed, and took him over to the sofa for lots of cuddles. At that moment, he bonded with us. He trotted around the room then hopped back into the clean crate. He soon fell asleep, aside from the occasional whimper. He stayed in there until 8.30am, when I went through and picked him up for more cuddles.


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