Puppy’s first meal

After a traumatic first night away from his doggy family, we gave him lots of love and attention. I gave him fresh water and some fresh raw puppy food for breakfast. But he wouldn’t eat it. Getting worried that his blood sugar could crash, I put my finger in honey and let him lick my fingers. We sat on the sofa cuddling for a couple of hours. He was shaking with fear at first, but that soon stopped. He got scared again when my husband came through, or when the fridge or washing machine was noisy, but we kept cuddling him and he soon stopped shaking. Conscious that he’d puked the previous evening and hadn’t eaten since due to anxiety, I worried that he must be really hungry. I offered him a chew, raw food, a biscuit, water, but he wasn’t interested. Instead he wanted to follow us around and hang out. Eventually my husband started eating bacon, and Elvis looked intrigued. The cheeky little monkey wouldn’t eat his own food, but he did want Ed’s bacon! We were so relieved that he was finally eating. We gave him more bacon and some chicken straight from my hand. He grabbed it, took it into his crate, and ate it. It was clear he wanted more, so we happily obliged. He then started drinking water too, what a relief!


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